Cash Your Check at Payne’s

At Payne’s Check Cashing our friendly staff will have you in and out in no time.
We cash many types of checks with no limitation on the amount of the check*. Just bring
in your check and walk out with the cash, it’s that simple.

The advantages of using Payne’s includes:

  • We can cash checks up to any amount*
  • No bank account needed
  • Friendly staff with no long waits
  • Get the cash right there on the spot
  • Open when the banks are not


Q: Do I have to wait until the check clears to receive my cash?
A.Absolutely not! We cash your check in a timely manner and you receive your money right on the spot!
Q: What types of checks do you cash?
A. We cash many types of checks* such as State, payroll, tax returns, hand written personal, insurance, money orders, and cashier checks. Just to name a few.
Q: Is there a limit to the check amount?
A. There is no limit*. If you have a larger check please call ahead and allow at least 30 minutes for our verification process. We recommend coming in no later than 4 pm to ensure that we are able to contact the appropriate companies during their business hours.
Q: What information do you need to cash a check?
A. All you need is your ID and the check you need cashed. If your check is made payable to your business make sure to bring your valid business license with you.
Q: What are the fees?
A. 2% for TANF checks.
3% for state checks, tax refunds, printed payroll, and government issued checks.
10% for Personal Checks received for personal reasons such as birthdays and graduation.
5% for all other checks such as Money Orders, hand written payroll checks, personal checks for services rendered, insurance checks, and refunds.


*All checks are subject to approval prior to cashing. Check Verification may be needed on certain types of checks prior to cashing. Check verification may include the verification of funds and/or issuance with the check’s account holder.