Money Orders up to $500 for only 50¢ a piece!!

Sending money orders is much more secure than sending cash and at 50¢ each our
money orders are the lowest priced money orders around. Plus you can verify if your
money order was received and/or cashed. *See below

Tracking your money order

You can track whether your money order has been received and/or cashed.

Follow these steps:

  1. Call 1-800-394-4525 and press option #2.
  2. Enter your money order # when prompted.
  3. To find out who cashed the money order or to get a refund for a lost money order
    follow these steps:

    1. Fill out a tracer form (available in store)
    2. Purchase a $15.00 money order
    3. Make a copy of the original money order stub for your records
    4. Mail the original money order stub and tracer form with
      a self-addressed stamped envelope to Global
  4. If the money order was cashed Global will mail back a copy (front & back) of
    the cashed money order. If the money order
    was lost or stolen Global will mail
    a refund for the amount of the money order within 30 days